Fear or False Expectations Appearing Real?

I went to the dentist to have some major work done yesterday. I had made the appointment a week or so ago.  The day before my feelings about going to the dentist was not filling with joy. So I got about my day and as the day progressed a feeling of fear became really apparent and I felt overwhelmed with anguish and really bad thoughts. It took a while to recompose myself and be more rational. I was just going to the dentist for treatment a tooth had to be extracted and that was it. I needed to accept it and not be fearful of something that appeared real but in fact I had  no facts or experience. I was in fact EXPECTING pain and had some real bad images in my head about it. I went to the dentist and guess what it went so smoothly no pain nothing nada! A question need to be asked. How often do we go through that and how many bad little habits do we have that sabotage our business in our life.

Leave a comments below about your own experience of FEAR and how it affected you in your business

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