Helping Heart Centered Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

We provide 1 on 1 and group coaching to conscious Small Biz Owners and Entrepreneurs to make their company sustainable and  profitable.

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Three Key Services of Small Biz Focus Coaching

We offer a range of services as outlined below.

  • ValueClub

    ValueCLUB is a Two-weekly online meeting of local Business Owners. It is led by your coach with the goal of developing member businesses into a more profitable business. We achieve this goal by educating members on many proven business development tips &  strategies. This helps our members  more

  • FocusClub

    FocusClub is a 12 weeks online course. You will be meeting with your coach as the name suggest it focuses on particular aspects of your business from Vision building to team and business systematization more

  • OneClub

    OneClub is a design for Business Owners who want to speed up the growth of their company. One on one session with your coach more

Benefits of Our Products/Services

We offer a range of group and one on one coaching programs to suit all budgets

  • ValueClub

  • Small group max 12 people
  • Business Improvement Tips every two weeks
  • Learning by doing
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Networking and much more...
  • FocuClub

  • Small group max 8 to 10 people
  • Weekly webinar intensive
  • Step by Step action plan
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Networking and much more...
  • Oneclub

  • One on one intervention
  • Keep you focused on tasks at hand
  • Your coach will keep you accountable
  • Your coach will be your sounding board your confidant
  • And much more....

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